Birthday Parties

Birthday celebrations are unlike any other event in the world. They present the one opportunity each year for an individual to bask in the spotlight and do not require sharing attention with anyone else. At Parsons Castle, we recognize this most special occasion and invite you to spend your next birthday celebration (or the birthday party of someone near and dear to your heart) at our scenic castle overlooking sparkling Lake Whitney. View Our Birthday Party Page

Engagement Parties

Making the momentous commitment to marry the love of your life has been the most important decision of your life so far. However, choosing to celebrate your love and your upcoming nuptials with friends, family, coworkers, and more is the easiest decision you’ll make in the months leading up to your wedding. All you’ll need is the perfect Texas engagement party venue to host your celebration. View Our Engagement Party Page

Retirement Parties

Over 10,000 people retire each day – many of them from long, storied careers that have lasted well over half a lifetime. The special retiree deserves the celebration of a lifetime, out of respect for achievement decades in the making. Provide your loved one or colleague the recognition and fanfare they’ve earned amidst an elegant castle setting and panoramic views of Lake Whitney, exclusively at Texas’ own Parsons Castle. View Our Retirement Party Page